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The sewing workshop Marabo was founded in 1988 by a very successful Polish dancer Małgorzata Chraczyńska-Żygadło.

Since 1993 the main designer of the ballroom and latin dresses is her sister Wioletta Żygadło. Her long dance career and true passion in the design of costumes, combined with great contact with customers gives you a guarantee of a great design and further implementation of it to beautifully presented dresses on all dance floors of the world.

The second part of this team are our perfect dressmakers, whose experience allows you to sew even the most difficult designs matching them to any figure.
What we like the most in the projects is class, simplicity and elegance, but we do not run away from even very avant-garde and crazy ideas, each time paying attention to every detail, and with excellent quality we try even out of the simplest designs to make dazzling outfits.

For the production of clothes we use fabrics and accessories of the most renowned companies in the world such as Swarovski, Chrisanne-Clover, DSI.


Regardless of whether you have your own project or you need our project, it's best to come to us after making an appointment. During the first visit, we will approve the project together, set a budget and arrange for next meetings if necessary and the date for putting the ready outfit.
You do not have to worry about buying fabrics and decorations - all the necessary materials are in our store at Marabo's headquarters.

From the moment you approve your project and pay 50% down payment, we need about 3 weeks to produce each outfit. It happens that at times when the studio is very busy, the term may be longer. Depending on the complexity of the outfit, we may require several visits from you.

There is also the possibility of ordering an outfit without your presence in our company, but it requires the exact determination of all details with us by phone or email.

If this is your first dance outfit or first sewn outfit in Marabo, during the initial visit, we will try to meet all your needs, and if we have had any doubts about our joint project, we will be honored to get to know you. Even if you do not decide to sew, we hope that by sharing our experience with you, we will help you make the best decision regarding your new outfit.

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