Terms and conditions of commission sale of dance costumes in MARABO


1. The Marabo company, hereinafter referred to as the Commissar, declares that as part of its business operations, it runs an enterprise that sells goods in the form of secondary trading.
2. Acceptance of goods at the commission takes place each time on the basis of an agreement concluded between the Commissioner and the Depositor, hereinafter called the Committee. The commissar, regardless of the commission fee, pays the following fees on the day of signing the contract: PLN 100 from standard dresses, PLN 100 from Latin American dresses and PLN 100 from men's costumes, reimbursement of administrative costs and storage costs for one year. In connection with the possibility of delivering the outfit in person or sending it by post to the Marabo headquarters, the Committee is obliged within 7 days from the date of handing the goods to the Commissioner to conclude the Commission Agreement and pay commission or collect goods.
3. The committee is obliged to hand over dance costumes that are free from any physical or legal defects or encumbrances to third parties. The dance dress provided by the Committee should be washed, undamaged with complementary decorative elements such as stones, beads, etc ..
4. The commissary from the receipt of the subject of the contract bears all the risk of damage and loss. The commissioner is obliged to maintain care of the costumes in this respect.
5. The officer reserves the right to refuse acceptence of the dress in the commission without giving a reason.
6. The commissioner charges a commission of 20% on the sales price of each item. The payment for the sold goods takes place within 7 days after the date of sale after deduction of the Commission's commission after prior telephone arrangement of the payment date.
7. The commissioner has the right to sell selected commission costumes during national and international dance tournaments and to place them on the website and in other types of publications.
8. The commissioner is not responsible for hidden physical and legal defects of the goods.
9. These Regulations shall enter into force on October 13, 2009.

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